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JianGuo Hotels hotels in China

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JianGuo Hotels hotels in China
The "Jianguo Hotel" originated in 1982, and the Jianguo Hotel on Chang'an Street in Beijing officially opened as the first Sino foreign joint venture hotel in China. The successful operation of Jianguo Hotel after its opening has sparked a nationwide trend of learning from Jianguo and written a brilliant chapter in the history of Chinese hotels. The Jianguo Hotel has witnessed the nearly 40 year history of China's reform and opening up. In 2014, the Jianguo Hotel went abroad and began to develop overseas. The Beijing Hotel, located in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, was the first five-star hotel managed by the Jianguo brand overseas. In 2015, it successfully received President Xi and his wife's state visit to Belarus. "Jianguo Hotel" is managed by Beijing Shoulv Jianguo Hotel Management Co., Ltd. "Urban Oasis, Free Jianguo" is the brand concept of "Jianguo", guided by "Taking the International Road, Creating a National Brand", and characterized by "Comfort, practicality, meticulousness, and thoughtfulness". The "Jianguo" brand, with its determination and dedication, has won a large number of high-end business and leisure customers both domestically and internationally with stable service quality and a long-lasting and innovative brand culture, becoming a beautiful national brand in the fierce market competition. At present, the Jianguo brand has more than 150 member hotels under construction and operation, distributed in nearly 30 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across the country, with nearly 40000 guest rooms, establishing a hotel brand network that radiates throughout the country.

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